Eve's Apple


I was rushing to get a Princess book out for Wondercon, and working on a secret project there, that I had to neglect this strip.

This strip.

To be perfectly honest, I'm really nervous about presenting this to you. At the very least, you've noticed the panel borders are clean, and the balloons and text are no longer hand-drawn/ The fact is, I did the entire strip in Manga Studio Debut #4.

Now, I always thought my old hand-lettering had ‘character’, and my panel borders harkened back to the Underground Comix scene of the 60's-70's. I was reluctant to change them, and VERY reluctant to move to digital art.

I changed for a few reasons. One is the loss of resolution I've found in translating ink on paper through a scanner into digital format. I've been frustrated that I've had to spend hours ‘tidying up’ the little unintentional messes that happen there. And the end result was never quite satisfactory. The fact is, on the web digital art is the native media, and analogue media translated over loses resolution... or veracity... or something. Just like a photograph of a painting loses the power of the painting, so a scan of ink on paper, I believe, has trouble competing with drawings created with pixels.

Secondly... with all the comicing I've been doing, I've quite honestly been needing to find a way to trim the process down. Creating an Eve's Apple strip has been a long, laborious process to draw, ink, correct, letter, correct, ink again, scan, correct, correct, correct, correct, and prepare for view. In order to meet my once-a-week update goals, I've needed to simplify. This simplifies, and should help me update weekly again.

Finally... I've been needing to grow my skill set. To keep learning. To keep intrigued. To keep challenging.

So anyway, here's my first all digital effort. It'll be a bit of an ‘ugly duckling’ as I'll inevitably be learning, learning, becoming better.

Try not to judge TOO harshly, my beloved royalty!


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